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Bunzow Sunshine somewhere
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Music by John Bunzow
Concrete Paradise

S C R E E N P L A Y   R E V I E W S


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ORIGINALITY             STYLE                    CONCEPT

" The thought of the old West in drag is hilarious, and the story definitely has some promising visual elements that could create a hilarious, camp experience that could become a cult classic if played right."

LGBTQ Screenwriting 

"Rainbow Cowboy benefits from a very original and fascinating setting. The template is the frontier west, but the details feel utterly unique, transported from more modern times and creating a surreal and very engaging vision of the Old West."

Austin Screenplay Awards

"I also like how the script works in deeper themes, with talk on philosophy and sexual liberation. It’s never too preachy in a message, but the characters constantly have their ideologies tested in ways that often go beyond a straight conversation. Actions and plot points force characters’ backs against a wall where words must be backed up with conviction and action. Knowing early on what each character believes and seeing the differences in worldview clash is a real highlight of the script. It shapes the internal conflict and often leads to the more obvious physical challenges."

Chicago Screenplay Awards

"Rainbow Cowboy is a unique, interesting script with a compelling story. Even though this story deals with very serious issues, there’s a lightness at its core - maybe because we rarely, if ever, get to see such a colorful, LGBTQ+ friendly Western."

NYC International Screenplay Awards

"Rainbow Cowboy masterfully sidesteps these pitfalls with highly believable characters that don’t rely on tired archetypes. Everyone from the leads to the supporting roles feel like original characters who have great specificity in their action and dialogue."

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