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QuicksandJohn Bunzow
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Music by John Bunzow
Counterfeit Salvation

“Rainbow Cowboy” is the lesbian western that society needs right now. The writer has created a heart-warming story that serves as a metaphor for current societal and political events between the towns of Old West and Safe Haven...

...this would be the time to get this script out there for consideration. ”

              —International Screenplay Association    May 2023

S C R E E N P L A Y   A W A R D S

Quarter Finalist - Wt Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices - 2023.png
Quarter Finalist - Santa Barbara Screenplay Awards Diverse Writers Outreach - 2022 (1) cop
Winner 3rd Place - Hollywood Internation
Quarter-finalist - Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Diversity Initiative - 2022
Quarter-Finalist - Austin Screenplay Awa
Quarter-finalist - Page Turner Screenpla
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